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The Note of Father Habib Saab(In Arabic) to Hadeth El-Joubbeh people in all four corners of the world in the occasion of St. Daniel's Holiday that is celebrated on Sunday, Sept 13. 1998

To The People of Hadeth El-Joubbeh And Their Descendents All Over The World

On the eve of St Daniel's Holiday, I would like to express my sincere wishes to you and to all members of your families. May the blessing of St. Daniel help you prosper in all your endeavors. On this occasion, I would like to ask you to help us finish the renovation of his historic church in Hadeth El-Joubbeh. With your financial support, you would be contributing to expedite the project and to be part of the collaborative efforts of everyone from our parish.

God bless you and Happy St Daniel's Holidays.

Your Servant, Al-Khoury Habib Saab, Hadeth El-Joubbeh

Sept 12, 1998 (Eve of St Daniel's Holidays)

To pledge or to send support for the renovation of St Daniel's Church, please contact